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Hi, I’m Timea

Digital Nomad, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Muay Thai Fighter

I have a digital marketing agency in London that I manage remotely whilst I train Muay Thai and travel the world.

Have a look around and drop me a line if you'd like to connect.

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Aim high. Be disciplined. Achieve success.

I believe that you can achieve anything in life if you set goals ambitiously, plan strategically and execute with discipline. I've been focusing on 3 areas: building a successful business, improving my Thai boxing skills and travelling the world. 

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In the Media

My high-achiever mindset and unusual lifestyle have caught the attention of journalists from around the world. 

Speaking at international events is one of the most rewarding ways for me to share my knowledge with others

Book Me as a Speaker

Topics I like to talk about:

  • The future of work: Embracing Remote Work and the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  • From the Ring to the Boardroom: Lessons about Resilience from a Muay Thai Fighter

  • Among Muslims - the Journey of an Islamophobe from Fear to Acceptance

  • F*ck Up Story: How Breaking my Ribs in a Thai Boxing Fight Taught Me I Can Achieve Anything I Want in Life

  • How to Use Social Media to Sell More Products and Services

  • Culture Shock: Crazy Things I've Seen Around the World

  • Making Your Dreams a Reality: A Practical Guide to Set and Reach Goals That Seem Out of Reach

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Connect with me on social media

I am most active on Instagram and TikTok.

Did you see something you like? Get in touch!

Whether you'd like to work with me, have me speak at your event or learn Muay Thai from me, please get in touch.


For collaboration/advertising, please also fill out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your message. I am looking forward to achieving great things together!

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